What’s the deal with the ‘urban construction crew’ at Melbourne’s iconic CBD?

A recent article on the city’s blog suggests a few things about the role of the construction crew that’s been popping up on Melbourne’s cityscape for years.

While it’s possible to describe the crew as a “building crew”, it’s also clear that the job’s purpose is to be seen as something different.

For example, in an interview with the ABC’s RN Breakfast, a construction worker who had worked in a Sydney-based construction company told RN Breakfast that his job was to “push up” a building’s foundation to allow the exterior of the building to be lifted off.

“We push up the concrete foundations, and we push the exterior down,” he said.

“And that allows us to lift off the building, which is what you’re seeing here.”

The construction crew’s role has been a fixture in Melbourne’s skyline since the 1950s.

Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones”In the early days, we’d see this, we see this all the time,” one of the workers said.”[It was] a very simple job.

It was basically just a push-up and a push down.”

The ABC interviewee added that he was often “stomped” in his efforts to lift a building off the ground.

He said that when a building had been completed and then moved, it would be “lifted out” of the ground by the crew, before it was “stuffed” into a truck and sent to a factory.

He also explained how “we got the roof of the factory to come off” during the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a job that took more than 20 hours to complete.

The building crew’s purpose has been an essential part of Melbourne’s urban skyline for decades.

The Melbourne skyline is made up of skyscrapers, some of which have been built since the 1970s.

The construction workers are often seen at the top of Melbourne City Hall, where they work on building projects.

But the role has also been central to the cityscape since the early 1950s, when the construction industry was at its height.

Photo: Michael ClaypoolThe “urban construction” job was first employed in Sydney in the 1950’s, when Sydney-born construction engineer Arthur White began working on a number of city-centre buildings, including the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Town Hall and the Sydney Cricket Ground.

In the late 1960s, the construction boom in Melbourne saw the creation of several new skyscraping projects around the city.

The “new” buildings were designed to be more “modern” than the earlier ones, and to have “modern-looking” architecture, as well as using more modern materials and materials for the concrete.

These developments are often referred to as the “urban renewal” era of Melbourne, when it was built up in the 1960s and 70s, and the construction workers have been at the centre of the city since the 1980s.

It’s worth noting that, as the ABC interview showed, the building crews are not necessarily part of the workforce employed by the Sydney-led city government in those days.

In fact, the crew is often seen in a “designer mode” working alongside architects and engineers to make the city more appealing to potential investors, the ABC reported.

They also work in the office of the architect who designed Sydney’s Sydney Harbour and the new CBD Sydney Harbour Tower, and also in the design and construction of Sydney’s central rail station.

The ABC also reported that construction workers at the Sydney City Hall and City Hall Towers, the former Sydney Opera house and the City Hall Tower, have also been involved in the construction process of the CBD’s future, including on the $300 million High Level Bridge and the $400 million High Bridge, which are due to open in 2021.

The new High Level bridge is expected to take over from the Sydney Central Rail Station in 2019, while the new High Bridge is set to be completed by 2020.

In total, more than 40,000 people are employed by Sydney City Council, the state government and other contractors in the City, including construction workers.

But while the construction crews are well known, what is the role they play in the city?

A number of construction companies have recently begun to use them to boost their projects, including one that plans to use the crews to raise the building’s profile.

Photo by James Martin/ABC”We’re a brand new construction company that’s actually just starting out.

We’ve got four new construction companies, and they’re all really interested in using the crew for their projects,” the company’s co-founder, Andrew Kaldor, told RN in an email.”

So we’re going to be using the crews for our project, and this is one of our first projects, and it’s going to have a very large, massive impact.”

But while these workers have often been seen in their work clothes, the workers themselves are not known for their casual attire.

According to the ABC,