When it comes to making the best of urban construction, the best way to do it right is with a team of local architects and engineers

By the end of March, a team from London-based architectural firm T.G. Hill has already signed a memorandum of understanding with a UK government agency to design, build, and operate a £400 million urban infrastructure project for the City of London.

The project is being spearheaded by the UK’s Transport for London, which oversees a large chunk of the London Underground network.

The agreement is to build a $200 million tunnel between the UK and the French city of Lyon, which will connect the city’s train and tram network, as well as linking the new Euston Airport and other projects planned for the city.

The T.M. Hill tunnel is expected to be complete by 2021.


Hill is one of a number of firms that are looking to partner with the government agency, which is in charge of running London’s infrastructure in a bid to create a more efficient, less wasteful way to build.

As such, T. Hill will be providing the architectural and engineering services for the project, which includes an environmental impact assessment and a design review, according to the company’s press release.

It will also be a hub for public engagement around the project.

T Hill was founded in 2015 by British-born John Hill, who is a prominent urban architect.

Hill designed the London Tube system, which was inaugurated in 2021.

The tunnel project, however, is not Hill’s only project.

He also designed London’s new high-speed rail network, which has since been completed.

In 2019, Hill was named the chief architect of the City for London project, an ambitious, $5 billion scheme that aims to make London a city of more than 5 million people.

T-Hill has been working on the tunnel project for a year, with the first phase of construction expected to begin in 2021, according the company.

The team will be building on their work for the first year of the project by developing an engineering design and an environmental analysis.

The design and environmental review will then go through three stages before the project gets approval from T. Hills project director, Ben Gazzard.

THill’s involvement in the project has been described as a “first step” for the company, which already has offices in Paris, Madrid, and New York.

The company will be using a combination of its experience with the London subway system, and its expertise in engineering, to design and build the tunnel.