Urban Lights Construction Group to construct $50 million green building on Capitol Hill

The Urban Lights construction group will begin construction of a $50.7 million urban green building in downtown Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

The project will be part of a project to create a community hub, park, shopping center and public park, with plans to reopen the old Pike Place Market to the public later this year.

The building will also include a hotel and offices, the group said in a release.

Seattle-based Urban Lights, which is headquartered in the nation’s capital, is a design and construction firm that specializes in mixed-use developments that blend elements of urban design, commercial and residential.

The group is known for the Seattle Public Library’s Public Library Building in downtown.

The construction is part of an overall $80 million redevelopment of the Capitol Hill Community Center that will include new offices, retail and residential spaces, and a new pedestrian plaza.

The plaza, designed by Urban Lights’ urban design studio, will feature a “civic square” of green space, the Seattle Times reported.

Urban Lights has received the National Historic Preservation Act designation for its efforts to restore a neglected, overgrown, historic Capitol Hill park.

The park was once home to a former fire station and a church.