Which building in Oakland will get a new apartment?

Posted February 10, 2018 08:07:08A lot of buildings are getting new apartments in the next few months, with a new project set to open in Oakland in early February.

The project, called Urban Oaks, is a mixed-use project between two buildings that will be completed next month.

The project will be located on a site formerly occupied by the old Oakland City Hall building, which was purchased by the city in 2009.

The building itself is going to be renovated with a mix of office and retail spaces.

It’s the second new building in the Oakland area to be constructed by the developer, OAK Partners, since it was acquired by the City in 2015.

Urban Oakes will be built on land currently occupied by City Hall, but will also include some retail space.

The city says it will be able to accommodate the additional retail space with parking.OAK Partners is working with the Oakland City Council to determine the total cost of the project, and is hoping to break ground on the building in early January.

The developer is also looking to raise $5 million to cover the project’s first phase, and has also lined up a private investor for a second phase.

The company says it’s already working with three other developers, including the City of Oakland, on an updated version of the development.