How to build a giant city

The first thing you’ll need to know about building a giant urban construct is that it’s a bit tricky.

But it’s not as hard as you might think, especially if you’ve got the right tools.

And there are some tips and tricks to help you out in the process.

Start with a blank wall, but you don’t have to do it the traditional way, by laying down a concrete foundation.

It’s all about the walls, which can be constructed from a mix of cement, steel and concrete.

To begin with, make sure you have a slab of steel in place to frame the structure.

You can then use the concrete to make a roof.

If you’ve already got a concrete slab in place, lay a layer of concrete in between and build your walls.

If there’s no concrete slab to build around, start by laying a layer on top of the slab.

Once you’ve laid down the first layer, it’s time to build your concrete walls.

The easiest way to do this is to build in a rectangular plan.

Lay down a few bricks or planks that fit in the gaps.

Then lay a series of vertical bricks that connect the walls.

You’ll also want to lay a slab on top and the roof on the bottom.

Make sure that there’s enough space for all the bricks to fit.

When you’ve finished laying down the walls and the first slab, you can lay down another layer of cement.

Now you have three layers of concrete, with the roof over the concrete slab.

But you can’t just lay it down and leave it.

You need to keep the concrete and the slab separated.

First, you need to make sure that the concrete is level.

To do this, lay two bricks across from each other and secure them with screws.

This will make it easy to level the concrete when you need it.

Lay two more bricks across the top and secure with screws and a nail.

Next, you want to take the two horizontal bricks and place them vertically on the sides of the concrete.

Next you’ll want to make two horizontal walls with two horizontal beams attached to the ends.

The vertical beams are attached to a horizontal piece of concrete and can be used to support the concrete layer.

Finally, you’ll also need to attach a series or two of concrete bricks to the bottom of the structure to make the roof.

This way, the roof can be extended to provide extra height.

Once the roof is finished, you should have a huge piece of architecture with no gaps in it.

Here’s how to build the whole thing.

To start, lay down a sheet of concrete.

Then attach a vertical piece of the roofing slab to the top of that sheet.

The roof should sit on top.

Then connect a horizontal beam to each end of the horizontal beam.

The horizontal beam is attached to two bricks that will go over the roof and will form a vertical frame.

Next add a horizontal bar to the end of one of the bricks and attach a second vertical piece to the roof to form a roof line.

The bar will also go over and secure the horizontal bar.

Then, attach a horizontal strip to each of the two vertical strips.

It should form a horizontal line that connects the two bars.

Now add a vertical strip to the base of the second horizontal strip and attach two more vertical strips to the floor.

Lastly, attach the roof bars to the ground floor.

The total height of the building should be 12 metres.

Now, make the first step of building the building itself.

Cut a strip of concrete that’s about two metres wide.

Now attach a section of the top bar to each edge of the strip, and then connect two strips to form the base.

Then put a vertical bar over each of these vertical strips and attach one vertical bar to top of each of them.

Now connect the roof rails to the two vertically attached vertical bars.

The whole building should look like this.

Next up, attach four vertical bars to each side of the floor and connect four vertical strips around the outside edge of each section.

Finally connect four bars to a vertical beam to form an entrance.

This should form the first part of the front door.

Now make a second section of bar on each side and attach four bars around the back of the door.

Attach two vertical bars, one above each of those bars and attach three horizontal bars to form part of a roof wall.

And finally, attach one bar to one of those horizontal bars and connect two horizontal bars, two vertical bar and two vertical strip bars to make up the roof top.

Now the whole front door should look as this.

Once all the pieces are connected, lay another layer ontop of the first and make sure the second layer is level and secure.

Once everything is complete, make a horizontal roof and attach all the bar ends to it.

Then add a roof panel to the front and a roof top panel to it, and finally, add a wall that can support the roof as it is constructed