How to design an urban construction site

Brisbane’s Victorian heritage sites have been under construction for the past few years, but the city is now gearing up to build its first major residential tower.

A new design firm called Urban Constructs is building the new high-rise, and it’s aiming to transform the old site into a destination for Brisbaneers.

Here are five things to know about Urban Construct’s concept.


Urban Construct is a new firm called The Urban Construct Group.

It’s a new architectural firm that will be based in Brisbane.

It was established last year by a group of local Brisbane architects, including Paul O’Connor, who has previously worked with Urban Design Australia.

Its director is Dan Stoughton, a former Brisbane City Council member and architect, who is also a professor at Brisbane’s Curtin University.

It has partnered with local developers to construct the new towers, which will rise between 10 and 25 storeys, at a cost of $300 million.


UrbanConstruct’s first project is a residential tower in Brisbane’s Central Business District.

Built in 2020, the five-storey structure will feature the company’s distinctive red-brick exterior.

The building is being designed by local architect John Kavanagh, who was a principal architect on the Brisbane Tower Scheme, and is working on a design for the site.


The site will be transformed into a “cultural hub”.

It will be home to a series of “cultural spaces”, which will feature “a series of interactive spaces and cultural experiences that are designed to be the perfect home base for a variety of cultural activities and events.”

The site is also expected to have “an innovative retail and dining component, including a boutique cafe, artisan food market, an outdoor amphitheatre and a fitness center.”


Urban construct is aiming to build the towers as quickly as possible, but that won’t be an easy task.

“Our first building will be completed by 2023, and we expect to complete our project in 2027,” Mr Stoughtons said.

“We’re aiming to be very selective about the size of the project, which is something that we don’t typically do.”


Urban construction is not the only firm in Brisbane to design buildings for Brisbane.

Another Brisbane-based firm, Aptura, has also developed a residential project at the site, with a price tag of $130 million.