Texas cities struggling to keep pace with growth

Lubbock, Texas, July 19 (AP) The Texas cities that are trying to keep up with the growth of suburban areas around them are struggling to do so in a time of increasing urbanization.

The cities with the largest populations in the state, Austin and Dallas, have been struggling to build roads and other infrastructure that is necessary to accommodate a growing population, while the cities of El Paso and McAllen are struggling with the same problem, said Matt O’Connor, a senior planner at the Austin-based Texas Transportation Institute.

That’s why the Texas Department of Transportation wants to build a toll bridge over the Texas River that would bring more traffic to cities along Interstate 35W from the Houston area.

That would create a new gateway for the state’s most heavily traveled roadways.

O’Connor said the bridge would be built at the request of the Texas Commerce Commission, which oversees highways in Texas, which would be able to use it as a tax revenue stream.

Texas is home to more than 70 percent of the nation’s population, and the state ranks fourth in the country for total population growth.

The state’s population is expected to grow by about 2.4 million this year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and O’Brien said the state is getting ready for the next population boom that will increase by 10 million people by 2080.

O’ton said Texas already has the third-largest population growth in the nation and is set to surpass the total population of the United Kingdom in 2060.

O’Connor said cities in the Texas cities where roads are being built are getting a lot of help from the state because of the lack of roads.

It is the only place in the U, but we’re still seeing more roads being built than there are people in the city.

I think the only thing that stops that is the number of people that are in the roads,” he said.

The Texas Transportation Infrastructure Board, a group of state officials that advises the state on highways, said last week that the state needs to spend $10 billion over the next three years to fix roads and improve infrastructure in the states 50 largest cities.

The state is trying to help cities in a big way, said Kevin Fagan, who is the agency’s executive director.”

This isn’t something that happens overnight,” he told The Associated Press.”

We’re going to be investing in our infrastructure and our roadways and our bridges, roads and bridges.

And we have to do it now.

If we don’t do it, we’re going back to the days of a 50-mile-per-hour-on-ramp.

“Fagan said the new bridge, a 1.4-mile (2.4 kilometers) stretch of roadway that will cost about $200 million to build, would allow commuters from more than 20 states to get from El Paso to Austin in less than two hours.

The new bridge would connect Houston to Austin, San Antonio to Austin and Fort Worth to Austin.

Fagan said it would also help keep traffic flowing in the area of Dallas-Fort Worth.