When it comes to designing the Weston Urban Construction site, a contractor wants you to know the building will be built in a very specific way

Weston, a planned mixed-use development that is expected to include a hotel, office space and retail, has been in development for more than a year.

The developer is looking for an architect to design the design for the proposed site.

A new design for Weston’s new site is due to be submitted to the NSW Planning Department at the end of June.

It will be the first phase of the project, which includes a large public plaza and a new hotel.

The architect will have to submit a design for this phase.

If the project is approved, the design will then be submitted for a full evaluation by a contractor who will work with Weston to ensure it meets all its construction and environmental specifications.

In a bid to get the public’s views on Weston before it is awarded the site, the company has posted a survey asking for feedback.

The survey asked:What is your favourite design for your site?

How would you describe the structure of the site?

What is your opinion of the overall look of the area?

What is the biggest problem you foresee in the site design?

What are your favourite features of the design?

How would you like the public to view the site (see the survey here)The survey also asked for comments about Weston and how it will impact the area:How will you design the building?

What features will you focus on?

How will you define the design of the building and how will you achieve this?

How will the public be able to see the building design?

Where will the entrance to the site be?

What signage will be present?

How much parking will be available for parking?

Where is the public access to the land?

How do you plan to manage the site and access from and to the area where you are planning to build?

The survey was open from Monday, June 13 until Tuesday, June 15.

The survey can be found here.