A Weston contractor is fighting for a contract to build the western suburbs of Melbourne

A Westons contractor is facing a $20,000 fine after he was caught up in an investigation into a series of allegations against him and a contractor he worked with, according to the Federal Government.

Key points:The Federal Government says Weston’s contractor has been suspended over the complaintsA Federal Government spokesman says it is not aware of any contract awarded to Weston to the east of MelbourneThe Federal Health Minister has said the investigation is ongoingThe Weston spokesman said the contractor’s suspension was due to the concerns of Weston residents, and it was understood the firm was working on a major project.

“We are investigating a complaint received by Weston regarding Weston construction services,” a spokesman for the Department of Health said.

“Weston has suspended its contract with Weston Construction Services, and has not received any notice from Weston concerning the suspension.”

The contractor has suspended and is not engaged in further construction at Weston.

“Further details will be provided in due course.”

The spokesman said that “the Federal Government is not in a position to comment on the matter”.

“Westons contractor has a suspended contract with the Weston Corporation,” the spokesman said. 

Mr Weston said his suspension was in response to the complaints.

“I’ve been contacted by the contractors representative, I’m waiting for a response to that,” he said.

He said he was confident that his suspension would be lifted and he was “100 per cent confident” the investigation would be thorough.

“There are no excuses,” Mr Weston told ABC radio on Tuesday. 

“There’s no way you can do it with my family.”

Weston’s company, Weston Urban Construction Services (WUSCS), has been accused of breaching the Local Government Act and engaging in a “false or misleading” advertising campaign.

Mr Westons father, John, said the Westons company had been in touch with his son’s lawyer.

“They’ve done a lot of work on Weston, the contractor, and they’ve done some very positive work on the project,” Mr John Weston Sr said.

“I think they have an opportunity to correct what’s going on.”

It’s not good for the contractor.

“Mr Westson said the contractors suspension was a reflection of the way the Westoons family had been treated in recent months.”

But I’ve got to move on, it’s not fair on me, and I’ve just got to deal with it.””

I just don’t want the family to feel the way that I’ve felt, I feel like I’ve let the people down.”

But I’ve got to move on, it’s not fair on me, and I’ve just got to deal with it.

“The Westoens had hoped that the suspension would lead to Westons son, Andrew, completing a degree at the University of Melbourne.

Mr Andrew, who is a third-year engineering student, is studying for a masters in construction engineering.

Mr Westington Sr said Mr Andrew had not yet been offered a degree.”

He’s just got two years left, so we’re looking at the final two years,” Mr Andrew said.

Andrew said he did not think Weston was responsible for the problems in Melbourne.”

If Weston were responsible then Westo’s responsible for all the problems and problems, that’s what they’re supposed to be,” he said.”

That’s not the case, Westo has nothing to do with it, it has nothing whatsoever to do, and all the blame is on them.

“Mr Andrew said he would continue to fight for the project.

Weston Urban Contractors chief executive officer John Westo said the suspension had come about due to “the concerns raised by residents”.”

The suspension was based on concerns of residents in the Westont area, the concerns being raised by the Westover community and others who have expressed concerns regarding the Westown and Weston Councils compliance with the Local Authorities Local Government Code,” Mr Mr Westo told ABC News Radio.”

Any suspension is not a final judgment on the conduct of Westo, and is only a suspension based on the matters raised in the complaint.

“Westo Construction Services has also been accused by a former contractor of breaching a contract by failing to make payments on work it completed.

A Westo construction worker has told the ABC that a contractor who had been working for the company failed to pay him for the work he had done.

The Federal government says Westo Construction Service has been in discussions with the contractor to address the issues.

The company’s spokesperson said it had not received a formal response from Westo and that it would be working with the Department to resolve the issues “as quickly as possible”.

The ABC has contacted Weston and Westont Construction Services for comment.