Why building a new apartment complex will be a nightmare for residents of a historic settlement

Jerusalem’s oldest Palestinian settlement, occupied since 1967, has been subjected to intense construction and demolitions, leaving the building’s residents and the surrounding communities with little choice but to endure the consequences.

The West Bank outpost of Kiryat Arba, located just south of Jerusalem’s Old City, is the latest to fall into disrepair in the city’s historic heartland.

Residents in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron have been complaining of health problems for years, but the health problems only grew in severity as the number of Palestinians living there increased.

As of the end of September, there were 1,847 Palestinians living in Kiryata Arba alone, according to the United Nations.

While the area is home to some 5,000 residents, the population of the settlement has been steadily increasing.

Last month, Israeli authorities demolished Kiryatta Arba’s last apartment complex in an effort to halt its construction.

But residents are not happy with the demolition and are demanding an investigation into the reasons behind the demolition.

“This demolition is against the law.

The law prohibits building in an area that will result in an increase in health risks to the residents,” the Kiryatan Arba Residents Association said in a statement.”

We are waiting for an investigation that will investigate the reasons for the demolition, and what happened in order to stop construction from happening,” said Mohammed Hossam, a resident of Kirya Arba.

“I think it’s not right to demolish our homes in order for a project to be started.

I’m afraid that there are many more Palestinians who live there and we will be uprooted and uprooted.”

Residents say the demolition of the apartments was the work of Israeli officials in an attempt to bring Kiryashias population down.

“They destroyed our homes because of a project that was proposed,” Hossama said.

“It was a project from the planning department that wanted to build an apartment complex.”

The project would have involved demolishing buildings in the area, including buildings that housed large Palestinian families and had a large Palestinian population.

Kiryati Arba was home to a large Jewish population and the apartments would have housed some of them, according the Association.

Kiryat Arbasah is located within the Green Line of Israel, a border area with the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Israel has not recognized the territory as its own and has no jurisdiction over it.

Kirya arba is located near the settlement of Betar, which was captured by Israel in the 1967 Six Day War.

Hossam said he has lived in Kirya since 1988 and has never been able to find a place to live in Kiryah.

“We live in a city with some 5 000 people.

We are not allowed to live here.

I want to get out of here, but I’m not allowed, so I’m living here,” he said.

Israel’s planning and construction departments have demolished thousands of Palestinian homes in the West Jerusalem area in recent years.

The Palestinian Authority has no control over the area and is unable to enforce demolition orders, which the government relies on for funding and infrastructure.

The area is often the scene of violent clashes between Israeli settlers and Palestinian protesters.