Urban farming: construction of new urban farmhouses

Construction of new residential and commercial buildings in urban areas is gaining momentum, with developers working on a variety of projects.

Urban farms, also known as rural farming, is a construction method in which buildings are constructed with the aim of improving the health and sustainability of the environment, while also creating a sustainable livelihood.

Urban farms are currently being developed in China, Germany, Russia, and Sweden.

But the practice is not restricted to those countries.

In 2015, the city of London was awarded the prestigious Ecole des Beaux Arts’ Gold Medal for Urban Agriculture for its pioneering efforts to improve the health of its urban environment by producing sustainable, sustainable food.

In recent years, a number of European cities have been awarded the Ecole de la Saïd des Arts et des Hautes Études des Livres (ESHE) award for their innovative urban farming practices.

The ESEH awards, which were founded in 1997, are awarded for the best projects in a wide range of projects and initiatives.

ESHE recognises that urban farming projects have the potential to address global issues such as climate change, hunger, and water scarcity.

The ESHE award is open to projects that address the following:• Environmental sustainability• Sustainable urban farming and its associated infrastructure• Health and social impacts of urban farming• Food securityIn addition to the award for the UK, Spain and the Netherlands, the ESEG is also awarding the European Union the honour of Ecole Des Beaux-Arts des Haute Étuds des Livre, in recognition of its outstanding contribution to sustainability in agriculture and sustainable urban agriculture.

For more information, visit: easterneurope.org/eastern-east-asia/urban-farm-buildings/