Which Rockford, Illinois, house will you be moving into in 2017?

The next few years will bring an even more varied set of houses to Rockford.

First there’s the city of Rockford: it’s still under the control of the county, but the population of the city has fallen significantly in the past five years.

But now, it’s on the verge of a massive redevelopment project, one that could transform the city’s iconic historic district.

The future of Rockfords old city is in doubt.

The Rockford Historical Commission has said it won’t allow new homes in the city, but that may be changing.

It’s possible that, in a couple of years, the Rockford Historic District Board will be able to make a decision about the future of the district.

That could make it more likely that new houses will be built.

That’s a big part of what will drive the city to build new homes.

There’s no doubt that the city is a thriving metropolis, but it’s also in the middle of a historic renaissance, which has seen a number of neighborhoods come together to revitalize neighborhoods around the city.

That includes neighborhoods in Rockford’s Old Town.

But what happens when the old city comes back to life?

We’re not looking at the future, but we’re certainly looking at what’s going to happen now, said Mark Zuker, the president of the Rockfells Historic District.

We’re thinking about what’s coming up, what the city needs to do in the future to create a revitalized area for people to live in and have a great community feel.

The city is going to need to be able, for example, to provide parking for a lot of people in the same neighborhood, he said.