JAX: The ‘urban construction’ of JAX

By Josh MartinABOVE: JAX coach Jeff Fisher has been told he will not have a job in the AFL until his club can guarantee it can keep his team in the top eight for the rest of the season.

Fisher was asked about the AFL’s recent comments about the importance of keeping the team in contention for the finals, and the AFL and the NRL have both been critical of the league for years.

The AFL’s chief executive Gillon McLachlan has acknowledged the importance, but it remains to be seen how Fisher will feel about the move.

Fishing has made it clear the Lions are not in danger of losing the finals.

However, he was also asked about a potential move to another team, and whether he will be available for the season’s final match.

“We’re trying to find the best place for our players,” Fisher said.

“I’m not going to be available during the season, so we’re trying not to have too many players in the same place.”

Our focus is on the players that are available and our focus is always on our players.