What’s new in the new Urbaneer?

Urbaneers are a staple in the downtown skyline and many of them can be found on every street corner in downtown Rockford.

The first-generation model is built on a flat frame, while the second-generation one is a little larger and more aggressive.

The new Urbans will feature a new body that’s more aggressive than previous versions and is powered by an aluminum chassis, with aluminum side skirts and the roof roof is made of fiberglass.

It will have a longer wheelbase than its predecessor.

The first Urbaneero, with its aluminum chassis.

Photo: Urbaneeros.comUrbaneer’s main feature will be the exterior of the car, which is based on a classic design of the 1960s.

The new Urbian will feature an open-wheel design, with no center console.

The body is aluminum, while all the exterior features are made of carbon fiber.

The front grille and roof spoiler are aluminum.

The interior of the new car features an aluminum body and aluminum dash with glass on the center console, and the rear-seat storage area will be made of aluminum.

The seatback will be aluminum.

As you can see from the photos, the interior of this UrbaneER will look similar to that of the original Urbane.

The Urbane is expected to start at $25,000 and it will be sold only in the U.S.

The original Urbens are still available at Urbane’s online shop.