The $15M ‘Bolton’ renovation was a ‘total failure’

Construction on a new $15 million renovation to the building at 4th and Broadway is on hold while city officials investigate an audit that found the building was built to look like a hotel, not a hotel.

The $15.5 million project is the result of an audit by the city’s Department of Public Works and Engineering, which found that the building’s facade was designed to look more like a residential building, according to a city statement released Friday.

The inspector’s report said the exterior facade “was built to resemble a hotel.”

The city did not specify why the exterior façade was designed that way, but the inspector wrote that the exterior exterior fa­caption “was designed to resemble the facade of a hotel and did not meet all of the building codes.”

The inspector did not explain what caused the building to look “hotel-like” or whether the building had a fire safety inspection.

The building’s current owner is listed on the city website as a property owner, but that company does not appear to be listed in the city database of owners of commercial property.

The city said that the inspector’s office would be “working to determine what additional information was needed in the investigation and will provide an update to the public when it has more information.”