How to get an Urban Splash from a Trailer park or RV site

Construction crews have begun a three-week project to demolish the old-style trailer parks on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) announced the project Thursday morning, saying it will be done “in a matter of weeks.”

The demolition will start on Saturday, November 11 and run through Sunday, November 14.

The project will be conducted in the vicinity of the Las Vegas Strip, with the demolition occurring “in the vicinity and within walking distance of all major traffic arteries,” NDOT said in a news release.NDOT also released a video showing the demolition of the trailer park site, as well as the demolition that will take place inside of the old strip mall.

In the video, which NDOT posted on its YouTube channel, construction workers walk through the site in what appears to be the demolition.

NDOT’s Facebook page has also been updated with images of the project, as of Tuesday.

The trailer parks will be demolished to make way for a new hotel project.

NDOC is also in the process of demolishing the old site.

NDOTS construction team is working to remove debris from the site, and the work is expected to be completed by Friday.

The project is part of the Nevada Department for Water and Power’s (NDWP) $1.4 billion plan to replace and renovate the water utility’s main transmission lines, substations and other structures.