What’s new in ‘urban construct’ scenery

New urban construct terrain has been created for the first time in Bengaluru, in an attempt to bring the cityscape to the streets.

The ‘urban construction terrain’ was created by the Centre for Urban Development and Development Research (CUDR) and Urban Urbanisation Research (UURR) with a view to improve public awareness and reduce congestion in the city.

A public consultation on the project was held last month, and the department is now looking for a contractor to carry out the project.

This will take at least six months to complete, said Dr A. S. Raju, director, CUDR.

This is the first attempt at urban construction terrain in Bengalur, said the department.

“We are also working on an ‘urban landscape’ that would help people to see the city more clearly,” he said.

The terrain will be designed to be interactive, interactive, open and free to use.

The area will be divided into two sections, one for the public and one for private vehicles.

The public section will have a wide boulevard with trees, benches and parks in the centre.

The private section will be open and pedestrianised.

“People will be able to explore and enjoy the city from any place in the area, irrespective of their caste or income bracket,” said a CUDQ official.

The area has already been explored, and a series of public consultations were held.

“It is very exciting to see a new urban construct landscape being created in Bengal,” said the official.