Which building is going to be the next big construction project in Seattle?

Urban regen Construction is building a high-rise on the north side of Lake Union near the intersection of 15th Avenue and North Capitol Street.

The project has attracted national attention for the “rad urban” branding.

The Seattle City Council approved a zoning change in August to allow the construction of this high-end apartment complex in the heart of the city’s most vibrant neighborhood.

The city has been working on a plan to address some of the challenges of high-rises, and the building’s design, which includes a roof-top courtyard and new landscaping, is an example of what the city is doing.

“We really want to make it a place that feels like you can get to the next event or you can go to a meeting from anywhere,” said Paul Schwerdtfeger, the project’s architect.

The building will be a mixed-use development that is connected to a public realm and open to public use.

“It’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen,” Schwerktfeger said.

It will include an outdoor space, retail, restaurants and a hotel.

The company is also developing a new pedestrian-friendly area, with plans to make a connection to the lake and surrounding community.

Schwerktfer said the company is looking at several sites in the area, but hopes to start construction sometime this summer.

The project is being built by Urban Regen Construction, a Seattle company founded in 2011.

Schwertfeger was a partner on the project and is now president.

He said the firm is not working on the building itself, but the design.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray called the project “a groundbreaking moment for our city” and “a major win for Seattle’s future.”

The company said it hopes to create more than 600 jobs in the construction industry.

Construction on the development is expected to start this summer and be completed in 2021.

The plan calls for the building to have a parking garage and public open space.

Urban Regen is not the first Seattle company to work on a high rise.

The North Capitol Development Group in 2012 built a $1.2 billion mixed-income project on the site of the former Pacific Market.