How to build an urban project in five minutes

Urban Construction Group has developed an interactive online map that helps you get started with building urban projects in under 5 minutes.

The map will help you plan your projects and set up your infrastructure.

Urban Construction says it’s the first online map of its kind for cities around the world, and it’s available now.

Urban Constructions website The map shows you the top five construction projects in each city you can build in under five minutes, as well as a detailed timeline of how the project will be built.

The top five projects are:  A new high school in Sydney’s CBD. 

A new school in Melbourne’s CBD, with classrooms, gymnasium, library and dining hall. 

An old-style hotel in Sydney, featuring a new lobby and courtyard. 

More than 10,000 houses and apartments. 

The Sydney Opera House, with a new courtyard.

The interactive map also includes a detailed history of each building and how it started.

“This is a real testament to the ingenuity and the resilience of our cities,” Urban Construction co-founder and CEO, Alex Wawro, said in a statement.

“It’s not just about making the most of the available space, but finding ways to combine it with new and exciting ideas.” 

Urban Construction says the interactive map was created with the help of a “collaborative process”.

It was also made possible by a grant from the Australian National University’s Innovation and Productivity Institute.

Urban construction group Urban Construction and construction firm Urban Spark are both based in Sydney.

Urban Spark was formed by Urban Construction founders Adrian Phelan and Ben Jones in January 2016, after they both worked on the building of Sydney’s new $10 million public-private partnership, which aims to transform the city’s waterfront and create a better, more vibrant, more connected and affordable city.

Urban Development and Urban Spark partnered to build and deliver a range of projects in Sydney over the next two years.

The team has been working on several projects for a number of years, including the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera Centre, the city-wide plan to upgrade the Central Business District and the NSW Government’s $1.8 billion New South Wales-built Central Coast Metro. 

Urban Spark has been running a series of free online courses on the site for the past three years, and now, the company has launched an online course in which it will host a community-run competition in which anyone can win up to $100,000. 

“We’re working hard to bring you the most innovative urban building tools and solutions for you to start your urban projects,” Urban Development co-chairman, Paul Crampton, said.

“We’re also delighted to see that so many cities are already working on urban design solutions.

We look forward to a bright future for urban development in Australia.” 

How to build a city in five seconds: How to get started on your project