Which urban structures are being built on Detroit’s vacant land?


— Urban structures are construction sites on the city’s vacant lot that have become vacant because of the foreclosure crisis.

But now the vacant lot has been turned into an office park for an entertainment company that is now building an office tower on it.

On the site of a former auto parts plant in Detroit, an office building called City Center Development is being built for The Lighthouse, a New York-based company that specializes in building office towers.

The company’s office building on the vacant land is part of a complex of office buildings being constructed on Detroit land in the hopes of revitalizing the area.

The building on Detroit lot, called CityCenter, is being developed by Lighthouse for the entertainment company.

It is a 1,000-room hotel, office space and restaurant called The Locus.

The Lightscape is expected to open in 2017.

When it opens, the Lighthouse building will be the largest building on a vacant lot on Detroit property, the city said in a news release.

A building on vacant Detroit lot in downtown Detroit.

What the city says is that The Lopes is a hotel, entertainment and residential building designed for people of all ages and income levels.

“The Lopes will create a destination for downtown Detroit residents to enjoy a hotel and live a comfortable and healthy lifestyle,” the release said.

“This is a historic and highly sought-after site.

This is an opportunity to create a thriving and vibrant community on a piece of vacant land.”

The Locus is being constructed at the same time as The Lighthouses office tower is being completed on the land.

Detroit’s vacant lots are often blighted, and vacant lots on the Detroit site have become the site for vacant structures.

In 2012, city officials created a plan to use land on the site to create mixed-use developments, which are similar to a mixed-income housing development.

The city was aiming to develop a mixed development with more than 200,000 square feet of retail and office space, an apartment building, a hotel with restaurants and more than 3,000 residential units.

Developers were able to sell the land at a loss to a developer named Grosvenor Partners for $300,000, but that deal was scrapped after the developer sold the property.

The vacant lot near the office tower that’s being built is in the area of the former auto part plant, and The Lighters development is adjacent to the former factory site.

The building is being made up of a hotel tower, a restaurant building, office building and office parking.

This development will be a key part of the city trying to bring jobs back to the area, Mayor Mike Duggan said in the release.

“We are building the Lightholes on the historic site of the old auto parts factory that has been vacant for years and to create affordable housing, the largest mixed-used development in Detroit,” Duggan told the Detroit Free Press.

Duggan said that the Lighters project is part an effort to bring more residents to the city, as well as creating jobs in the city.