How to make your own superhero suit for the movies

What are your superhero costumes?

I love it when a movie does something that’s just so fun to make, but this is not one of them.

This is the costume I wore in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The costume was inspired by a pair of jeans worn by Cap in the original Captain America film.

And yes, they were from the same brand of jeans as the ones in the movie.

Here’s how I did it: 1.

Cut a pair out of the jeans.


Cut the two ends of the zipper.


Put the two pieces of fabric together on either side of the waistband and sew it together at the top.


Put a zipper around the waist to seal the seam.


Place the waist band over the top and pull it up so the zipper is against the inside of the pants.


Take the jeans apart and cut the two sides off.


Place them on the back of the suit.


Place a zipper on the outside of the jacket and pull the zipper up to seal it. 9.

Take off the zip.


Take your shirt and pull out the sleeves.


Take one piece of fabric and put it on the right side of your suit and sew on the zipper to the left.


Put another piece of the fabric in the right place and sew to the right.


Take a piece of zipper on each side of each sleeve and sew along the top of the sleeves, leaving a small opening at the back.


Place your jacket on top and put your sleeves in place so that the zipper goes over your left arm and down your right arm.

This will give you a superhero suit with a full suit of armor, but without any of the superhero powers that came with the movie, like super strength.


Pull the zipper back up and sew a new zipper around each arm so that you have a full armor suit with no powers.


Take it all off and you’re ready to go. 


The suit looks great with jeans, so the next step is to figure out how to make a suit that doesn’t look as silly.

Here are the steps I took to make my own superhero costume: 1) Cut a suit out of jeans.

The original Avengers film was released in 1986 and was shot on 35mm film.

This movie has the same iconic look and feel of the original movies.

2) Cut the fabric from two pairs of jeans and sew them together at one side.

3) Take the two legs of one pair and pull them up until they are completely over the waist. 

4) Take a fabric piece from the top right corner and sew that to the top left corner. 

5) Cut out two pieces and cut them to the exact size of the legs and sew together. 

6) Take two pieces from the bottom right corner of the same piece and sew one end to the opposite side of that piece. 

7) Take one of the two pants halves and sew the seam on to the bottom. 

8) Cut two pieces, sew the seams to the inside, and place the two parts of fabric back together.

9) Take your suit, place it on top of your jeans, and put a zipper right in front of your shirt.

10) Take another piece and fold it so that it is about the size of a fist.

11) Take an extra piece and place it in front and right of the one that you put on top.

12) Take that piece and pull a zipper up over the side of it so it is directly under the top part of the shorts.

13) Take this piece and draw the top half of the skirt down over the front of the shirt.

14) Take and sew two pieces together, one at the front and one at a little to the side, so that they are facing the front. 

15) Take these two pieces to the back and sew over the two sections of fabric at the bottom of the pant.

16) Take all of your fabric, place them on top, and pull all of it up until you have everything you need to make the suit you want. 

(It may look like this, but it’s not.)

17) Take off your shirt, put on your suit with the pants in place, and then take your shirt off.

The suit is ready to hang on your wall, but don’t worry, the real suit will still look like you’re wearing the original movie suit, but with all of the cool superhero powers!