Why you shouldn’t build your home in an urban vikings construction site

Urban construction is a lot more than building a home.

It’s a huge and dangerous job.

It also involves many people and there are many different types of building that can be undertaken in a construction site.

Here are some tips to help you avoid urban construction sites that can make you and your family sick.


Don’t get caught in the construction zone 2.

Keep your eyes open for construction sites 3.

If you do come across construction sites, make sure to take a photo to share with your friends and family to help spread the word about this dangerous job!


Keep a clear path for your family to go on when you’re away from the site 5.

Avoid being trapped between the concrete slabs in a vertical building, or in a concrete tunnel 6.

Take photos of the construction site and keep them in a safe place for everyone to see.7.

Use a camera or a smartphone to capture the construction area as much as possible.8.

Use safety gear such as helmets, safety vests and boots when you are working with the site.9.

If your home is on fire, get it out quickly and move quickly to escape the flames.10.

If construction workers come across your home and start burning it, take pictures and video of the fire to share the story of what has happened.11.

If there are people in your home that you know are working on the site, make it a point to tell them that you are not in the building and that you will stay away from them.12.

If possible, stay in the area for a short period of time, because you may have to call in the fire crews.13.

If the site is not on fire when you call in, get to the site safely and leave the building immediately.14.

If a construction worker appears and begins to walk around your home, be sure to stay away until the construction workers have left.15.

If they ask you to leave, do so.

The construction workers are not going to want to talk to you or the firemen are not coming to your rescue.16.

If anyone is injured, call 911.17.

If any construction workers appear, they will not want to give you any information.18.

If this is your first time working in a site like this, be prepared to put your life on the line.19.

The first rule of construction is to respect the safety of your family and friends.

Don´t let anyone make you feel like a criminal for not wanting to work in the site you work on.20.

It is important to keep all equipment you use at your disposal.

If needed, you can always bring it back with you.21.

When working in an Urban Construction Site, you are expected to use safety gear and safety vaks for protection and safety.22.

Always carry a safety belt and make sure that the construction crew doesn´t take it from you.23.

Be careful with your mobile phone and laptop as you work in an area with a lot of construction activity.24.

The last rule of Urban Construction is to always be prepared.

Be prepared to get lost.

If that doesn´ti seem to be the case, don´t panic and be smart and stay focused.