‘The construction industry is a huge part of my life’: Architect John Farrar in exclusive interview

The architect and urbanist John Farrow spoke to Axios about his new book, “The Construction Industry Is a Huge Part of My Life,” which explores the construction industry, its importance to him and his future career.

The book will be published by Regency Press on April 7, 2018.

“There are people who are still alive who don’t even know what it was like,” Farrow told Axios.

“I think the world is a much more diverse place when you see the world as a whole, and I believe the construction sector is one of those industries that has a large impact on society.”

Farrow said he is grateful for the opportunities the industry has given him and the people he has worked with.

“And that’s something that we’re very proud of.””

As architects, we are not going to forget how we shaped our lives,” he said.

“And that’s something that we’re very proud of.”