Urban cable construction to start in 2019, UAE says

The UAE is planning to construct urban cable construction in 2019 to ease traffic congestion in the capital.

Urban cable construction is an ambitious plan for the country that will see cables of up to 30 metres being laid between the city centre and major residential areas.

The cable will be connected to roads by tunnels and be used to run power and telecommunications to the city.

It will be a project that will take several years to build.

Urban cables are a technology used to connect cables to the network, so the UAE is using its new technology to do the job, said the interior ministry’s media adviser Hamdan Al-Qadhi.

The ministry is also planning to start construction in other cities and provinces in the country.

Dubai, for example, will start cable construction soon, according to the UAE’s cable and telecom minister Abdulmajid Al-Othman.

The cable is expected to cost $2.5 billion to $3 billion.

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